Message from a Mod

Because of RL issues, 3 out of 4 of the moderators running Dominationstuck have gotten on hiatus. We still have two apps that have yet to be processed. And since I’m the only mod who’s active, I can’t decide on what to do with them since it wouldn’t be fair to the other mods who haven’t gave their opinion on them yet.

We hope you understand that it will take a while for applications to be processed. Thank you.

— Nepeta

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Kankri Vantas has arrived.

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Karkat Vantas has arrived.

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Application for Kankri

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Application: Karkat Vantas

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Admin Notice - Sheepy’s Hiatus - 7/17

Posting a small notices that our head admin, Sheepy, is going on hiatus for a while and we ask that you direct your questions to me or the other moderators.  Please and thank you!

We also apologize for how long app processing has been taking.

~John E.

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Bi-Weekly Pairing List 7/14

  • Feferi Peixes has rented Aradia Megido
  • Cans (15) has rented the Handmaid
  • Equius Zahhak has rented Jadesprite
  • Jake English has rented Caliborn
  • Eridan Ampora has rented Kanaya Maryam
  • Dirk Strider has rented Calliope
  • Spades Slick has rented the Dolorosa
  • Roxy Lalonde has rented White Queen
  • Diamonds Droog has rented John Egbert
  • Clubs Deuce has rented the Disciple
  • Vriska Serket has rented Tavros Nitram
  • Dave Strider has rented Wayward Vagabond
  • Rose Lalonde has rented Nepeta Leijon
  • Aranea Serket has rented Damara Megido

Hello and welcome to another two weeks of pairings! I do apologize they were a little late, but it is nice to have you all here and with new pairings! Now remember, activity is important to keep up and I hope you all have fun!

Also remember, we have the group anniversary picture that still needs to be funded! Details can be found here!

- Sheepy

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Kanaya Maryam has arrived.

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Dave Strider has arrived.

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