Damara Megido Is Now Available!

Her Imperious Condescension Has Arrived!

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Condesce Application

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Admin Note 10/13

Hello to everyone (future, current and past)! Unfortunately with a severe lack of masters and switches to play the role of masters, we have to put all slave applications on hold until out numbers even out! We are hoping our numbers even out soon because with a lack of masters, it means slaves are being doubled every week and sometimes I even leave myself off to not put any more stress on already doubled masters! 

So please, please! Help us gain new masters and switches to even out our numbers and allow slaves to be accepted again!

Diamonds Droog Is Now Available!

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Bi-Weekly Pairing List 10/12

  • Neophyte Redglare has rented the Dolorosa
  • Equius Zahhak has rented the Disciple
  • Equius Zahhak* has rented the Signless
  • White Queen has rented Summoner
  • Cronus Ampora has rented Karkat Vantas
  • Clubs Deuce has rented Calliope
  • Spades Slick has rented John Egbert
  • Cans (15) has rented Nepeta Leijon
  • White Queen* has rented Jadesprite
  • Rose Lalonde has rented Jade Harley
  • Dave Strider has rented Tavros Nitram
  • Eridan Ampora has rented Aradia Megido
  • Vriska Serket has rented Meulin Leijon
  • Dave Strider* has rented Fefetasprite
  • Orphaner Dualscar has rented Sollux Captor
  • Orphaner Dualscar* has rented Mituna Captor
  • Cans (15)* has rented Caliborn
  • Eridan Ampora* has rented Wayward Vagabond
  • Spades Slick has rented Kanaya Maryam

Hello and welcome to another pairing list! We hope you all are going to enjoy your new masters! Be nice, be good, don’t die or get critically injured! Have fun~

- Sheepy

*You have been doubled this week (either by request or shortage of masters) 

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Orphaner Duascar App (for Aradia)

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Hearts Boxcars Is Now Available!

Porrim Maryam is Now Available!

Kankri Vantas Is Now Available!